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The Tranquiliti™ is not just a mattress — it’s a health and wellness solution that can help improve your quality of life through deeper, more restful sleep.

This mattress has scientifically designed Gel Matrix®, which is a high-tech elastic gel proven to provide localized pressure point relief for proper spinal support. 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam to give it that cloud-like feel that combines support and pressure relief.

These features are layered between the adaptive pocket coil system base for further localized support and motion control and the top layer is made of 1″ CertiPUR-US certified foam as an additional cushioning for ultimate comfort.

This therapeutic mattress is scientifically designed to offer optimal back support, proper spinal alignment, and the relief of pressure points so you can sleep better — and healthier.

Organix Beds are the only Gel Matrix® beds on the market with an organic cotton cover.


Size Dimensions Size Dimensions
Twin XL
80" x 38" x 13.25"
Cal King
84" x 72" x 13.25"
80" x 60" x 13.25"
Split King
80" x 76" x 13.25"
80" x 76" x 13.25"


  1. Cinnamon

    This mattress was advertised to me as pressure relieving and cooling, for me, it hasn’t been cooling. The pillow top really locks in heat at night, and I wake up sweating- every single night.
    I’m also a side sleeper, and this mattress is so firm, I have pain and pressure building up in my shoulders and hips.

    I gave this 2 stars because the BEST part of this mattress is that it comes with a warranty (as long as it has a mattress protector and it damage free) and I’m hoping I qualify for a return.


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  2. Blaine

    We bought Organix Bed several years ago and thought it was great for the first few years.

    It begins to breakdown, even with turning, which is no easy job. For the price, you are better off to buy a high end mattress every 5 years (which you will probably not need to do) The reviews I have read seem to be from people who have only had their beds a few months. I would have made the same remarks after a few months but NOT after a few years.

    Way too expensive for what you get.

    Keep shopping!

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  3. sconser

    I bought 2 of these mattresses from Organix Bed in size Twin XL to pair with 2 adjustable Twin XL bases. Both mattresses measured 77” instead of the 80” that a Twin XL is supposed to be. This caused a gap at the headboard (the pillow would fall in the gap) and/or at the other end where the adjustable base support end is (raising the bed causes it to mattress to slide to the support and makes a gap near the headboard again). Organix Bed was nice enough to deliver 2 new mattresses but these had the same issue. Twice more Organix Bed delivered what was supposed to be Organix Bed Indigo Twin XLs and they all were short – all 8 mattresses measured 76”-77”. I’m not sure what to do at this point since it looks like Organix Bed Twin XLs are not manufactured to proper size specs. Mattress is extremely comfortable but the size issue may be a deal breaker.


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  4. Mader’s

    We really have enjoyed our Indigo bed for sure. The process not so much! Honestly, it is too long of a story to post here. But after weeks of aggravation, Using commercial fans to dry our mattress, multiple days waiting all day for delivery, mattress being dragged down side walk, multiple representatives and finally no further communication our recommendation would be:

    Redesign the manufacturing process to eliminate the mold and moisture from this process. Wrapping a newly bed up immediately after producing while (glue is what we were told was still wet) in heavy plastic will cause mold and most concerning invisible signs of mold in cased inside the mattress. This voids all the health supporting claims in my opinion.

    Lower the weight of the mattress or hire your own “white glove service” for delivery instead of contracted drivers in a Ryder moving truck. Our mattress was dragged down the side walk. Shoved upstairs knocking pictures and chandelier off not to mention the driver was having extreme difficulty in breathing due to the extensive labor it took due to the size and weight of a king mattress.

    I can tell everyone my husband was so very kind and patient through this whole process. After the 2nd molded-wet mattress, multiple service reps, and the waiting time between deliveries I became very put out. Everyone was very kind in communication but the process to get there was on us. Purchasing the mattress from Organix Bed in Louisville KY they should have walked us through the process better. Again very kind but honestly once we were passed off to corporate we have yet to hear from them. They did send us a set of sheets and pillows in which we really appreciated. Organix Bed passed us off to his rep with Corp. After multiple communicationS with him and him assuring us he personally inspected the mattress (to find mold and moisture on 2 delivery again), we were passed off to someone in the Corp office in Utah again being told she would handle everything from this point with the delivery of mattress #3. Confusion with corporate and delivery driver, waited several weeks for the arrival of mattress. 3rd time was charm thankfully! We did not see any mold present nor was it wet upon delivery. We signed for the mattress and apparently they all were done with this one! I get it we were over it as well. We were told a mattress cover protector would be coming due to all of our trouble. We contacted them twice to inform them it never arrived and I guess the sale is closed. Still haven’t heard from them so of course to protect this 10k purchase we already took care of it. Honestly I wanted to wait until the whole process was finished to add our review. We wanted so much for them to turn this around and we could include how well we were taken care of through the process! But no communication says it all.

    Our mattress is very nice and rightly should be for the cost. We are believing this is what we needed for our health and all the wonderful benefits and claims that are made on the intellebed.

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  5. AMc

    Customer service was good/responsive. Thought bed was ok for first week or so, but have a very difficult time getting comfortable and falling asleep on it. Now experiencing shoulder and hip pain and waking up every hour or 2 to change positions. Also wake up stiff and feel like my back and neck are not aligned well at all. Not what I expected based on reviews and talking to customer service.


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  6. 4girlsmom

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  7. Shelley K.

    I am able to sleep in my own bed again! My back pain from sleeping has reduced dramatically.


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  8. Pamela Y.

    My back has become very sensitive to meds beds and any bit of sagging really threw me off. This bed has been a blessing and I love the fact that it is made from natural material!!


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  9. Miles R.

    “I’ve tried several top brands as a doctor to help my own sleep improve as well as evaluate for my patients.

    The PillowThe Pillow

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  10. Erik G.

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