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Alexia Adair
This fussy sleeper loves it!

I’ve been through several mattresses in the last few years all of which promised to help with overheating. This one actually did! It’s also super comfortable. I’m a side sleeper who often has hip or shoulder pain on other mattresses, but not this one. My husband is not as fussy when it comes to a mattress, but also enjoys it and gets great sleep with it. We wholeheartedly recommend this mattress!

Gail Gray
Haven of relief - Ahhh

I have been sleeping in this bed for 2 years and find it as comfortable and supportive as first day. It is always a relief to get in bed and off my back where I am supported. Ahhhh.
Currently, I have been in this bed for 3 weeks after surgery with no indentations, still supportive and comfortable.

Ann Hayes
love the mattress but the delivery was awful

Metropolitan delivery service was awful for the delivery of my second Tranquility mattress. I know Metropolitan is contracted by Organix to deliver their mattresses and I guess it is hit and miss with who the delivery guys are. The 2 guys that helped with my delivery were subpar. They did not speak English and the communication was difficult. I had to speak with their supervisor on the phone who became the go between. I needed my old mattress taken off and set up against the wall about 5 feet away before putting my new mattress on the frame. They ABSOLUTELY refused. I requested the same thing for my first mattress delivery and it was done without a problem and I tipped for the extra help. The 2nd team of delivery guys were very obstinate and wouldn’t assist even for a tip. huh. I luckily had some gutter guys installing gutters that day so I asked them if they could help. You bet was their response! I tipped 3 guys $20 each just to move a mattress 5 feet. They didn’t know a tip was coming…..but they sure as heck showed the delivery guys what they got for helping me. That part was sort of funny. I would have refused the mattress if the gutter guys weren’t there to save the day.

Hello Ann, thank you so much for your review and we really appreciate your business. We're sorry to hear about your experience with Metro. Occasionally they have to hire a 3rd party in order to get the delivery completed in certain areas of the country. In our delivery policy we ask prior to your delivery that the space is ready for unwrapping and placing of the new mattress but if you did not purchase 'Old Mattress Removal' than it's actually a liability for them to touch your old mattress. We know it seems silly, even for 5 ft, but that's why we require the space to be ready and everything moved to where you need it.
We are so happy you love your new mattress though and again we really appreciate the 5 star review despite your experience with Metro. Happy healthy sleeping! -Lexi

Carl Reese
Initially good…but

Comfort level was fine but over six months developed a depression where I slept. Of course the manufacturer suggests rotating the mattress monthly but it is far too heavy for this to be realistic for my wife and I.

Hello Carl, we just wanted to reach out to better understand what's happening. Please reach out to us directly, our email is We appreciate your review.

Bamboo sheets

They feel good, but they are too short to fit the mattress that they came with. We never can get them on right.

Soft but shrinks

I purchased the queen size Bamboo sheet set. Beautiful soft sheets that fit well until washed. Every washing they became smaller, even when washed in cold and dried on cool. It finally reached the point where I had to use my full weight and strength to get them onto the bed. After a year I no longer use the sheets. Very disappointing and a disappointing waste of money.

We're very sorry to hear this. These sheets are made by our manufacturing partner Malouf.
We encourage you to contact them directly to work out resolving this issue.
Here is their contact info: Email: Phone: 1-800-517-7179

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you run into any issues. We are here to help.
Organix Bed, Lexi

Erin Buss
Tranquiliti Queen bed

This bed started off fantastically! Faithfully, we turned the mattress the first 6 months. Into the 2nd month my husband said the bed was worse than the mattress we replaced it with and said we should put our old one back. After another month or two, I started noticing what my husband was saying. It feels like you are sleeping in a hole. Even when I'm in it alone I am at an angle. When my husband is in it with me I roll into him. We moved it into our guest bedroom and sleep on our old mattress. We are very unsatisfied with this product and do not recommend it to anyone.

High Hopes

I was very excited to get my Organic bed and Bamboo Sheet Set. Unfortunately I was disappointed on both fronts. The bed does soften rather quickly, and the sheets don’t fit as well as I’d like. I’ve already bought new sheets from Zenlusso, which are a much higher quality, stay white and are more comfortable.

Kathleen Ludwig

Find it hard to sleep on, firmer mattress than expected.

Softest sheets

These sheets make a difference! We love them and will only put these on our bed. I need to order another set!

Too slippery

just too slippery

Hello Susan,
We're sorry you don't like the sheets. Some people love that feel because it feels cool while others are not a big fan. We definitely recommend reaching out to Malouf. Their contact information is Phone: 800-517-7179 Email:
Please feel free to reach out if you have difficulties reaching them.

Teri Hearing
Don’t know - haven’t received it yet

We have not received our mattress yet.
Snow/ice delayed delivery and we are scheduled to receive it jan 26

Stephen H
Best mattress we’ve ever experienced!

The organic mattress we purchased recently has fulfilled all of our expectations, as advertised. Best sleep ever, and we would highly recommend them.

Best bed ever.

Very soft and fit great!

The delivery was great. The sheets are really nice and comfortable. I am still getting used to the bed and I have to had to buy a thick topper to put on it but the topper is too think for my husband so it can only be put on half the bed. We have never had this problem with another mattress. The mattress is very supportive, I just don't know if it is the right mattress for us. We are still in the trial phase and it's a really expensive purchase so we have to be sure it's the right one for us.

Hi Jen, Thank you for your purchase, your review, for letting us know your’s and your husband’s experience so far. I wanted to talk to you about the acclimation period of a new mattress. It can take weeks to months sometimes for people to fully adjust and acclimate to the mattress. Especially if you had an old mattress that wasn’t supportive and your body was used to that. I assume that’s one reason why you replaced your mattress for this one. Typically people will keep their old mattresses for 5 to 10 years longer than they should have causing your body to get used to sleeping on a bad surface. As people get older, it can harder for their bodies to adjust to a new things, especially a new mattress. Our mattresses are going to fully align and support your body as it is meant to be supported. During the acclimation period (your body getting used to it), it can cause some discomfort and even hurt. That is normal. We ask that you are patience with that process. We also ask that you don’t use a topper during that process unless it is one that we recommend. Another thing to check is to make sure your sheets and mattress topper are not tight. Being tight will make your mattress stiff, not allowing the components inside to flex.Please reach out to us for any questions or concerns at We would love to help you! Thank you! Organix Bed.

We don't even realize it's on the mattress, love it!

Like the product but not a game changer.


This was a birthday present for my daughter, a very hardworking dietitian and nutritionist in a very busy hospital setting. She said she has never slept better and has fewer aching joints upon rising! Hearing the smile' in her voice as she speaks on the phone, says it all!




Very positive love their products.

These are wonderful sheets!! They are so wonderful that I ordered a set for each of my three daughters for Christmas!!

Verified Buyer

The Organic constituents within our mattress is exactly what we wanted without all the vapors and synthetic products.

Verified Buyer

The bed that we received, Tranquiliti, which is exactly as advertised and discussed with the owner. We are completely satisfied with his bed after trying, at least two other brands, which were totally unsuccessful. Thank you for the easy process, and we are extremely pleased, sleeping well, and enjoying our new mattress. We would highly recommend your product.