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Organix Bed sells Intellibed®, Malouf®, Athos, and other manufacturers' products through organixbed.com. For questions regarding our products, please contact us.

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By ordering from https://organixbed.com, or from an Organix Bed™ employee over the phone, or in person, you agree to our shipping, returns, exchanges, and warranty policies.


Organix Bed reserves the right to start, stop, or pause any promotion at any time. Organix Bed also reserves the right to honor any previous promotion for any customer at any time.

We send company updates and promotions to anyone that is subscribed to our Organix Bedemail lists, sms lists, and social media channels. Discounts will consist of a percentage off or free shipping. We will not contact anyone unless we have received explicit permission by them as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Affiliate & Influencer promotions: Organix Bed typical promotions consist of exclusive offers that are promoted by our partners i.e. affiliates, influencers, and health wellness professionals to their own audiences. If you have received any correspondence from someone other than Organix Bed about Organix Bed products, that means you are subscribed to that company or person's marketing lists.

US celebrated holidays : We may or may not start a promotion based on a US celebrated holiday. A promotion of this type will be marketed to our subscribers via email, sms, social media or through paid digital ads. 

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