Please note: The all-new Tranquiliti mattress replaced the Sapphire and Indigo mattresses to make one amazing mattress. It is still manufactured with love by Intellibed.

  1. Scott Martin-Rowe

    My Organix Bed just arrived covered in black mold after a shipping delay. I’m really excited to sleep on this bed, but I can’t say anything good so far. I called, but customer service is only available M-F. However, sales is open on the weekends, so now I have a moldy bed in my house until at least Monday. Fantastic. UPDATE — They were able to get someone from customer service to call the delivery company and pick up the bed. The moldy bed is gone for now (which I think was an issue that came up in transit). So far the customer service is top notch. The delivery company they use is pretty terrible. Now I just have to wait all over for a new bed to be delivered.


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