1. PBoyd

    I honestly would not have believed that switching mattresses would make such a HUGE difference. Fairly frequently, I am skeptical about some reviews of different things, but I am a definite believer in this mattress. I purchased the Organix Bed “Sapphire” and seriously, after 1 night, my years long back pain were relieved almost completely. My wife, who has Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain, believes that has made a remarkable difference in her pain relief. I am a true believer!

    Organix Sapphire MattressOrganix Sapphire Mattress

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  2. Cindy

    We got 2 split king Organix Bed mattress sets after I watched a webinar explaining their advantage. We both have lower back problems so the support offered by the Organix Bed appealed to both of us. In our home, we had a tempurpedic queen size which was saggy in places & needed to be replaced-I routinely woke up stiff with a bachache in the morning. We opted to go to the Sapphire split-king to provide more room than our queen. We also got the adjustable bases which I love. If my allergies are acting up I can elevate my head a little with the remote. The base is very sturdy, and totally silent as you change positions-it will not waken your sleeping partner if you adjust the position during the night.
    We have an RV and often travel for 2 months at a time. It had a horrible king sized bed with just a thick foam mattress on the built in frame, so we also got the split king Indigo Organix Bed, and we are now as comfortable when traveling as we are at home.
    It also appealed to me that these mattresses are not subject to off-gassing when new as so many other foam, furniture, and carpet products often do when they are new. You can certainly get cheaper mattresses, but I do not believe there is a better mattress on the market than the Organix Bed. We have had these for over 18 months and we could not be happier!!!

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  3. T

    I bought this bed because my daughter bought one and liked it. I did not want a bed that was like a giant foam sponge like most of them are and the Organix Bed seemed to be the best choice. It is comfortable and I sleep well on it. If it lasts as long as they say it will have been a good choice

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  4. Michael Zion

    Where would you like to spend 1/3 of your life? I guess on an Organix Bed

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  5. VivandBill

    I’ve had my Organix Bed for 3 months and I love it. No more pain.

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  6. Kim

    My husband and I purchased this bed after having purchased 4 others only to return them with in 90 days. So we were
    sceptical to say the least when we met
    James selling this wonderful bed at our
    Sams club. We have have not been disappointed by purchasing our bed. Would recommend it to everyone that is looking to purchase a new bed to but the Organix Bed. They will not be disappointed.

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  7. Kerrybluebets

    We bought our bed while on vacation last summer. What a treat to come home to a new mattress. We had Tempurpedic, but Organix Bed far surpasses it for comfort. It keeps getting better and better!

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  8. LAURA

    Really?? Why would you post a one star with a raving review. How about some honest reviews?? Makes me not trust any review on your site or your product.

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  9. Bee

    My boyfriend and I bought this bed and have been trying to keep giving it a chance in hopes we adjust but we’ve recently come to the conclusion it’s just never going to work for us. We’ve been looking into new mattresses. I believe we’re beyond the point where we can return anything to Organix Bed, and we’re actually willing to eat a huge loss just to get into something else.

    We have the Indigo and the mattress is entirely too firm. Imagine filling an air mattress to the point where it is about to burst and that is what this mattress feels like. My back pain has been unbearable and my boyfriend has been spending most of his nights on the couch.

    It’s been pretty rough. I would not recommend this bed and I feel kind of duped by how hard Organix Bed pushed this (very expensive) bed on us.

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  10. Tubbs

    This is simply Awesome….back pain just disappears

    Organix Sapphire MattressOrganix Sapphire Mattress

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