The Ultimate Luxury Experience

The Tranquiliti™ is not just a mattress — it’s a health and wellness solution that can help improve your quality of life through deeper, more restful sleep.

This mattress has scientifically designed Gel Matrix®, which is a high-tech elastic gel proven to provide localized pressure point relief for proper spinal support. 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam to give it that cloud-like feel that combines support and pressure relief.

These features are layered between the adaptive pocket coil system base for further localized support and motion control and the top layer is made of 1″ CertiPUR-US certified foam as an additional cushioning for ultimate comfort.

This therapeutic mattress is scientifically designed to offer optimal back support, proper spinal alignment, and the relief of pressure points so you can sleep better — and healthier.

Organix Beds are the only Gel Matrix® beds on the market with an organic cotton cover.


Size Dimensions Size Dimensions
Twin XL
80" x 38" x 13.25"
Cal King
84" x 72" x 13.25"
80" x 60" x 13.25"
Split King
80" x 76" x 13.25"
80" x 76" x 13.25"


  1. RMW

    I purchased this bed a few weeks ago and I am totally pleased. I would have never even looked at it had it not been for my sales person. Worth every penny and I knew it was the right bed instantly.


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  2. TomandLucy


    We purchased the Organix Bed back in March and it is the most amazing mattress ever! EXCEPT that it does not have side handles. That’s a huge problem for us. We invested a lot of money on this mattress and we have extreme difficulty rotating it monthly, per your recommendation. My husband is 62 and I’m 54. He’s disabled and I’m just plain worn out. Suggestions? We don’t have anyone near by to help us out so we’re stuck.


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  3. Cindy

    I am 62 with a bad back and multiple neck surgeries. I have bought bed after bed and couldn’t sleep. I am sleeping like a baby now.. Before I couldn’t wait to get up just to get my body adjusted from the long nights of tossing and turning. Now I don’t want to get up because I am so comfortable. Well worth the money. I just love it. Thank you so much for this great bed. I have been sleeping on it now for 4 months..


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  4. Silby

    I’ve had mine for the past 9 years and it’s still as supportive and comfortable as day 1. There is zero pain, and I tend to take it travelling as there is nothing like it. I never wake up in the night to shift because of the pillow. It’s a dream and simply amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. After using it for a year, my wife then bought one after trying it a few times and she feels the same.

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  5. Cinnamon

    This mattress was advertised to me as pressure relieving and cooling, for me, it hasn’t been cooling. The pillow top really locks in heat at night, and I wake up sweating- every single night.
    I’m also a side sleeper, and this mattress is so firm, I have pain and pressure building up in my shoulders and hips.

    I gave this 2 stars because the BEST part of this mattress is that it comes with a warranty (as long as it has a mattress protector and it damage free) and I’m hoping I qualify for a return.


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  6. Blaine

    We bought Organix Bed several years ago and thought it was great for the first few years.

    It begins to breakdown, even with turning, which is no easy job. For the price, you are better off to buy a high end mattress every 5 years (which you will probably not need to do) The reviews I have read seem to be from people who have only had their beds a few months. I would have made the same remarks after a few months but NOT after a few years.

    Way too expensive for what you get.

    Keep shopping!

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  7. Rebecca

    Purchased the bed about a month ago and my body has really bad circulation issues and its the only bed that has resolved it.


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  8. Cpre

    Love the mattress. I sleep on it everynight 😉 I’m so clever

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  9. Cpre

    We’ve been sleeping on our Organix Bed for about a month now and it has been amazing. I don’t wake up with pain in my hips any more and I roll around a lot less.

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  10. Debra

    I bought the Queen Indigo just over 90 days ago. I wake up in the morning and my lower back is in pain. During the night the middle of the bed becomes concave and you feel like your sleeping in a hole. I’m also a side sleeper and as I’ve read in other reviews my arm becomes dead from sleeping on it and painful, I’ve never experienced that before.


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