Stop tossing and turning all night, wishing for better sleep

Choose the non-toxic mattress with a 20-year warranty for:

  • More restful and restorative sleep
  • Relieved back pain
  • Less discomfort in the shoulders and hips
  • No VOCs
  • No EMFs

Pain Sufferers: Do your back and hips ache when you get out of bed in the morning?


Why are so many people experiencing more aches and pains as they get older?

Barring a serious injury with lingering consequences, most back pain is simply a misaligned spine from a failing, unsupportive mattress.

When sleeping, your body sinks into the mattress, in fact, the softer the mattress the more your hips sink in (the heaviest part of the body), applying unnecessary pressure to the lower part of your spine. It’s not natural!

Now you’re tossing and turning all night, trying to “get comfortable.”  And all that tossing about interrupts deep stage 3 and 4 sleep.

And if you do have chronic back or hip pain, you need a supportive mattress more than most.

Thanks to the revolutionary Gel Matrix® technology, you can have the best of both worlds: Firm where you need it and soft where you want it. Because of the Gel Matrix® technology, Gel Matrix® Beds are the best parts of both types of bed in one.





Firm for spinal support

but lacking pressure relief, causing tossing and turning


Soft for pressure support

but lacking spinal support, causing back pain

Are you suffering from diabetes, heart disease, or autoimmune disease because of lack of healing stage 3-4 sleep?

To achieve restful, restorative sleep, a person must complete each of five sleep stages. If a person awakens during sleep, their body does not complete needed muscle repair, immune system rebuilding and memory storage processes.

The third and fourth stages are particularly important for achieving long-term health, as this is when the body repairs, heals, and releases hormones for growth regulation and appetite. In fact, researchers link diabetes, heart disease, and many autoimmune diseases to a lack of third and fourth stage sleep.

Unfortunately, movement often interrupts the third and fourth stage (deep and REM) sleep.

Almost all mattresses on the market, even when they are brand new, put enough pressure on the body to require movement throughout the night to stay comfortable. When we move, our brain resets from whatever stage sleep we were in to to stage 1 sleep, fragmenting our sleep cycles and hindering the restorative nature of sleep.

How do we know?

We used a pressure map and tested hundreds of people laying on the Tranquiliti™ mattress compared to other mattresses. As you can see below, Gel Matrix® is the only bed technology that actually takes the pressure off your hips and shoulders.


Finally, sleep peacefully through the night and get up to 80% more deep sleep!

Organix Bed will help you enjoy deep, uninterrupted, safe and non-toxic sleep...

Support your back and align your spine! Using patented Gel Matrix® material, Organix Bed™ relieves pressure from your hips and shoulders while simultaneously supporting your back.

Cradle your body’s curves in comfort! Gel Matrix® columns support the back and spine to cradle you in comfort and softness.

Quit tossing and turning! Without nighttime discomfort, it is easier to sleep without restlessness to “get comfortable,” which interrupts deep sleep.

No harmful off-gassing or toxins! Organix Bed™ mattresses are non-toxic and safe for the whole family (including pets!).

Organix Bed is the only Gel Matrix® mattress on the market with an organic cotton cover!


Misty Williams // Healing Rosie
"My Organix Bed™ is the best investment I’ve made in a good night’s sleep!"


Sleep soundly with *Organix Bed's
20-year warranty

A Tranquiliti mattress comes with a 20-year warranty. The Gel Matrix® will not break down by heat, moisture, pressure, or oxygen, which breaks down every other bedding component.

In durability testing, the mattresses only softened 4% over the life of the bed. Your bed is guaranteed to retain its support! *Intellibed is the manufacturer and the issuer of the "no-nonsense" warranty.

How Gel Matrix® technology helps you sleep like a baby

Using patented Gel Matrix® material, Tranquiliti provides back support and spinal alignment, while simultaneously providing needed pressure relief. Gel Matrix® support columns hold up the back and spine firmly, and the support columns collapse to provide comfort and softness to each body's unique pressure points. Without nighttime discomfort, it is easier to sleep without continually readjusting position and interrupting essential sleep stages.

Gel Matrix® mattresses are non-toxic, and importantly, they do not contain any harmful off-gassing material.


Why people love Organix Bed products


Misty Williams // Healing Rosie

My Organix Bed is the best investment I've made in a good nights sleep!

The most important thing that I do every single day to take care of my health is to get a good night’s sleep. It’s more important than exercise or supplements… it keeps my brain sharp, my energy strong, and my spirits high.

My Organix Bed is the crown jewel of my sleep sanctuary. It’s non-toxic, very comfortable, COOL, and doesn’t leave my shoulders, back or hips achy in the morning. Best of all, it includes a 20-year warranty … unheard of in the mattress industry! My hubby who struggles with lower back pain hasn't had a single day of aching since we got our bed.

My Organix Bed is the best investment I’ve made in a good night’s sleep!

What health benefits come from a proper sleep on a Gel Matrix® mattress from Organix Bed:


Non-toxic hypoallergenic material with zero off-gassing


Postural body-support, especially for the hips and shoulders


Temperature control (great for preventing night sweats)


Technology to reduce tossing and turning for a deeper sleep


Tested durability


Available financing options


A comprehensive warranty


Great value

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Free delivery

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Why choose a Tranquiliti mattress?

The Tranquiliti is not just a mattress — it’s a health and wellness solution that can help improve your quality of life through deeper, more restful sleep.

This mattress has scientifically designed Gel Matrix®, which is a high-tech elastic gel proven to provide localized pressure point relief for proper spinal support. 100% CertiPUR-US certified foam to give it that cloud-like feel that combines support and pressure relief.

These features are layered between the adaptive pocket coil system base for further localized support and motion control and the top layer is made of 1″ CertiPUR-US certified foam as an additional cushioning for ultimate comfort.


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Tranquiliti™ Bundle


1 x Tranquiliti mattress
  • 2 ½” of revolutionary Gel Matrix® therapeutic gel for ultimate pressure point relief, which allows you to stay in stage 3 and 4 sleep where your body heals and repairs itself.
  • A mattress that’s both soft and firm at the same time to structurally align your spine while allowing you to be comfortable.
  • A pocketed coil system for motion control with single-coil zones (no continuous coil) = No EMFs.
  • 20-year “No Nonsense” warranty for 100% satisfaction — It will not break down by heat, moisture, pressure, or oxygen. Which means it sleeps like a brand new bed for the life of the bed.

The Ultimate Luxury Experience – Tranquiliti is scientifically designed to offer optimal back support, proper spinal alignment, and the relief of pressure points so you can sleep better — and healthier.

1 x Sleep Tite Pr1me® Smooth Mattress Protector
  • Thin, smooth surface
  • 100% waterproof yet breathable
  • Allergen and dust mite proof
1 x Bamboo Sheet Set by Woven®
  • Silky-soft for sensitive skin
  • Hypoallergenic and odor resistant
  • 100% Rayon From Bamboo
  • Extra deep pockets – perfect for Tranquiliti
1 x Full-service shipping

Note: A frame/base is sold separately, or you may use your own existing frame/base.

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